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I dream all day, I dream of my world. I'm a person who was born to design and imagine: characters, drawings, architecture, weapons, stories, battles, fanart and music. Connecting the reality with the fantasy in my head, within this gallery, you may find the world that lives within me, a world of adventure, music and design; fears, questions and work. Anytime I can, for every day I live, I draw and extract the world that I dream, and the light that I feel. Welcome to this, the Dreams in Silence Band Tour.

Current Residence: The town under the Volcano
Favourite genre of music: Heavy metal, Jpop, VGMs
Favourite style of art: All!
Favourite cartoon character: Rontaro
Personal Quote: ¡Carajo!



Characters B: Agot and Vargnaef
Characters for the Norgrind Stage in the game: Hafrkon's parents, Agot and Vargnæf

Vargnæf, Hafrkon's father, exemplifies the phrase "gentle giant" through a warm and affable heart which tends to care for his visitors and, especially, his wife and son. This goat farmer and maintenance manager at Geiter & Blader (Goats & Leaves) Lodge and Spa loves to strongly hug his family and friends, which might explain where Hafri got his kindness, sweetness...and muscles from. He tends to be a bit over protective with Hafri, worrying A LOT about his safety and well-being, mainly because he doesn't want his son to go through the hard times he went through when demons were hunted long ago. Agot, Hafri's mellow and relaxed mother, acts as the lodge's general manager and administrator. Her natural patience and empathy is mixed with a nice talent for the piano which Hafri tries to learn from. She also tought Hafri how to cook the special recipees of the lodge, having also a natural tendency to help when somebody is in trouble, a tendency that Hafri inherited from her.

Located in the mountainous and snowy fjords of Norgrind, “Geiter & Blader” lodge is famous for its hot springs spa, goat cheese fondue, and special Blármen tea, a sweet and cyan-colored tea which releases tension. Being Capra demons living in the high fjords and cold forests, both father and son are natural at rock climbing with a greater resistance to cold and low oxygen levels. However, their gentle and tender version is contrasted once a month with something a bit...different. If the moon is full or if there is too much tension around them, Capra demons transform into giant beasts double their size with four arms. In this form, they tend to lose their reason and attack everything around them with great rage until they calm down, though they can be distracted with their favorite aromas or music. In fact, when Vargnæf was chased by the townsfolk thinking that he stole the goats when he turned into a beast, Agot could control and calm him down through the aroma of the Blármen tea. It's because of this tea that both Varg and Hafri can control themselves when they transform, being caged and chained to avoid hurting anyone while Agot prepares the tea for them.

When the dudes first arrive at Norgrind, the camper has a small accident in the middle of the foggy road, which makes it imposible to start the engine. This is when they see a tall and dark figure aproaching with a hook, something that reminds the dudes of scary movies. However, when Guimaro jumps on this shadow, he discovers that it is a Capra demon, Hafri. Hafri then offers them to take their camper to his lodge where he and his family pampers them with food, massages, and hot springs before the night appears, making Azafehl go into the woods to discover why Hafri and and Varg were carrying giant chains and acting strange.
Characters A: Krotaro and Zalia
Character profiles for a video game concept: Guimaro and Rontaro's parents. 

Krotaro, a livestock engineer and retired bullracer, is a wise and working Tauros Demon, worrying about both Guima and Ron's future and career and constantly reminding the dudes his ususal saying: "no education, no future". Unfortunately for him, he tends to be the vicarious victim of Ron and Guima's pranks, such as when Guima hid the fireworks in the w.c. before Krotaro entered (waterproof fireworks). Zalia, a retired doctor, is a supportive, pampering woman with a hug-then-lecture attitude towards her sons, reminding Guima to change and use clean underwear and Ron to put a sweater on. Both Ron and Guima help their parents with their ranch Rancho Dos Toros while studying for their careers. 

Positioned in the "haunted" and colorful Valley of Corona, this ranch is famous for its tasty milk, sold in and around the city. Corona, on the other hand, is famous for it's Snowy Corona Volcano, supposed haunted underground tunnels, and its Fiesta de Almatoro festivity, where docile bulls race to win the obstacle curse with their owners guiding them, representing an old story of how the souls of both bulls and humans work together to reach "the other side". 

Strangely, the same day the Fiesta de Almatoro starts, Ron and Guima first encounter the Nightmares, deciding to investigate by looking for their friend Azafehl-a paranormal tourist guide- in the tunnels: this is where the story starts.
Dreams in Silence: Guimaro

Determined, wild, brutal, and enthusiastic. Rontaro’s big brother and hamburger lover acts as the lead guitarist of the band. A rude motorcycle mechanic and metal-head with an hyper-active soul, he is the receiver of the light of determination (blue) aiding his friends with his spear and mechanics knowledge. With a passion for smashing piñatas and attending metal and video game concerts, this energetic Tauros demon, the fastest type of all demons, spreads his will and determination to his friends, cheering them up to continue with their dreams. Even though he thinks he is not good with the guitar (filling even strongly defeated) or doesn't find time to practice, Guimaro dreams of being a great guitarist, and more secretly, to create his band and play around the world. Moreover, he also tends to stay determined while studying for his Mechanical Engineering career, even though he has a "small" addiction to internet memes.

When Guimaro was born, his father Kimaro swore his wife Avril that he would protect him, a promise he kept until the young child was eight. The energetic Tauros demon grew up with his father, mother and twin uncle’s family, including a new family member that came to them two years later. Guimaro felt strange when he first saw a baby Rontaro. His little cousin seemed so much as him, not strange considering that both Kimaro and Rontaro’s father, Krotaro, were twins. As time passed, they grew very attached to each other, strongly considering themselves brothers, and sometimes escaping to explore around, which would drag them to some strange adventures. However, Guimaro and Avril had an accident wich put them into a serious health condition. Kimaro didn't know what to do since they did not seem to get better, and then..., a single day it was, he simply left the door and never came back. Avril hoped he would return, but both she and Guimaro worsened. Avril kept her hope to see Kimaro again , sleeping forever thereafter. Guimaro survived miraculously, but with a physical damage in his nervous system which made him a bit hard to move his hands. Krotaro and his wife took the young child under their arms, adopting and considering him their own child. Krotaro told Guimaro that his father died some years later, reluctant to tell him the truth about Kimaro abandoning him an his mother. Nonetheless, the growing nacho devourer found solace in his new family and his passion for music, even though he couldn't play too well the guitar. All in all, he stayed determined to live.

His strong will, sometimes obsession, makes him be mistaken as a brute,...but that same brute emanates the desire to go on to those around him. With a constant focused smile, he acts as a wild, energetic animal when he lets himself loose, even while riding his motorcycle or participating in a death wall in concerts. Defeated, that's how he feels when he can't achieve his objectives, or when he thinks his plan won't lead anywhere, making him lose his will a bit or forget all his effort and progress. Luckily for him, his “bruh” and friends tend to cheer him up; Rontaro even takes him to smell new cars when this happens. This lover of gore movies, music stores and piñatas will learn that determination can turn failure into a lesson.

Oh yes…besides making food contests with Rontaro, he is also good at cutting hair!

Dreams in Silence: Garon

Bathed in a mysterious and silent aura, El Golden Lion is a masked luchador and ex politician...with some belly. He repeatedly appears and attacks the guys to take the Dreams in Silence they collected so far for himself, before finally joining them. The biggest and strongest of all demons and receiver of the light of power (gold) uses his Goldenfist electric gloves and acrobatic wrestling abilities in battle. On the other hand, he also prefers to be left alone and play the bass, an instrument he identifies with himself for being “silent but strong” at the same time. A lover of chocolate milk and hotel gyms, this taciturn Leos demon dreams of taking over the Control of Veretto and even the Continent to crush those who incriminated and destroyed his reputation, and more internally, recovering the control over his life and body. Though silent, he is initially violent and aggressive towards the guys, not before they help him to control his temper while learning to trust them.

Garon was born in a secret relation between the former King of Veretto, Dimios, who took the throne by force, and Isebel, his personal adjutant bodyguard, who also acted as an undercover agent from the Central World Agency to dethrone him. Dimios and Isebel grew a strong relation before the Great Lion discovered that Isebel was a spy just when she was pregnant of Garon: both decided to continue together. Inspired by his son, the Great King changed his harsh and cold vision focusing on helping people with his power. However, he suddenly changed over time. Dimios became more rigid with a constant thirst for power. He made Garon grow silent since he forced him to speak concisely and with no “stupid questions”. When Dimios finally decided to attack the other countries, Isebel left him with Garon in order to protect her young son. Growing in the outsides of Corona, Isebel’s native town, Garon grew up resenting his father, but nonetheless missing him and dreaming of being as strong as him and his mother. The young demon wanted to show that his family was not as bad as everyone thought. He admired the Lucha Libre from Corona and loved to train in order to become a Luchador. Over time, and despite his father’s notoriety as a dictator and ruthless assassin which shadowed Garon, he became an amateur wrestler who soon reached the professional League. El Golden Lion was born.

Garon quickly rose to power and fame, and after some years, he decided he wanted to try other areas. With the help of a political “friend” from the Wrestling League, he entered and climbed the political ladder in his earlier 30’s. Garon had a prolific career in wrestling and politics with his friend supporting him. Garon finally became Veretto’s governor, but his success was hindered. During the re-elections, he was accused and found guilty for stealing and murdering in the previous years. Garon fought to show he was innocent, but his father’s notoriety and his friend’s betrayal who showed strong evidence finally killed the hard-earned trust that Garon built. Soon, he was fired and also prosecuted before he could escape from Veretto. He went through rough times with no job nor respect, having lost everything he fought for and feeling used. Engulfed in a strong impotence and powerless cloud, he swore to get vengeance and be him who used the others to get the power next time.

Learning to trust others and open himself, El Golden Lion might learn that real power comes from others.

Thanks to leomon32 :) 
Dreams in Silence: Airith

The sassy, tough, caring,...and sarcastic diva. This recent medicine graduate and lover of spas, sleeping, and butterflies acts as the drummer of the band aiding them with her healing and dancing skills. The stylish receiver of the light of freedom (purple) dreams of being economically free and independent, having a “constant passive income” (in her own words) so she can dedicate herself to dancing and music, as well helping people with her medical knowledge. Moreover, she wants to help her family and little brother economically. A jewel and tiramisu aficionado, this maternal and highly intelligent heart aims at learning investment in her free time...if she has it.

Possessing a seductive and big...personality ;), Airith was raised in a family of doctors, dreaming of being independent financially, even though her "friends" told her that, with her looks, she could just be a model and "get a good man": she refused to live without her being the one who controlled her freedom. Airith has also known Haili and Louk since she was a child, though she stopped seeing Haili for some time when she moved to a new town. Louk, on the other hand, saved a young Airith from a car accident and offered her to be her music teacher. The truth being told, Louk realized that she had a strong light able to reanimate his kingdom’s crystal and, therefore, his own life span. Unknowing that Louk wanted to use her light once it had matured enough, she became friends with him and started nicknaming him “Billy Goat” as she grew up, calming him down and controlling his fire whenever he got grumpy. Time passed, and they both nurtured a relation that evolved from teacher and student, to friends, and to finally something deeper, yet not told.

Naturally intelligent, but a little bit lazy, she likes to surf life the easy way not showing too much interest to work above the minimum effort or taking big responsibilities she doesn't want, prefering to relax. Ironically, this sophisticated girl shines bright and works hard when she puts her mind into something she wants, especially when she sees fruition in her plan. Airith can also can grow impatient with a no-nonsense attitude towards those who take too much of her time, rolling her eyes or groaning before finally making a sarcastic and frank remark or just leaving. However, she can also become anxious if she feels that she is being left behind in life. Maybe because of that was that she always was on the top of her class: she studied hard so she could forget about school and practice the drums, thinking that she did something good for her future already. She is very loyal to those close to her heart, taking care of their friends in a maternal way...except for Louk whom she loves to scare or tease in a sensual way. Following the search for the Dreams in Silence, this free heart will learn that some responsibilities are the real freedom for life.

Dreams in Silence: Azafehl

Azafehl, or "Wolfie" as his friends call him, is the explorer, wise wolf demon. This red and furry paranormal investigator is known for his curious, likeable, and down-to-earth attitude. Simply left, he may be a lazy slacker, but when it comes to explore other countries, abandoned buildings, or haunted places, he is all ready to go and push his friends to go with him! A long time friend of Guimaro and Rontaro, he met them some years after he first awoke as a small child from a sleeping chamber along with his mother and royal nanny, unknowing of how much the world had changed during the 200 years they slept. After his father made the sacrifice to keep them safe and disappearing after a state attack of his long disappeared kingdom of Alba, he joined his friends to find the Dreams in Silence and the connection to his lost father who is supposedly still alive.

Being a Lobus Demon, he has a natural resistance to dark and ghost attacks. A lemon donut lover and amateur photographer, the wisdom light (green) carrier and violinist of the band loves to pursue his passions of music, exploration, and sleep. His curious attitude makes him want to check bookstores, practice shooting, learn languages, history, and geography, and explore cities, forests, and highways to see where they lead. Dreaming of traveling around the world and visit every country, he aids his friends when they need a word of advice, acting the the site guide, or using his many paranormal attacks and gadgets like his chain shield spheres or paranormal activity detector pendant, the last gift from his father to protect him. He who sometimes thinks that self-growth and learning are pointless and even illogical when they don't lead anywhere (or help get profit), will understand that everything we learn makes the heart grow and live.

...oh yes...Guimaro took a punch for him in the school while Rontaro defended him when the other kids teased Azafehl for being a quiet and furry ”dog”. Since that day, they became inseparable!

Inspired by leomon32  

Dreams in Silence: Haili
Hope is a shield from the heart, and in this case, from an optimistic, crazy, and sweet one!  A young singer from Santo Fuego who loves videogames, anime, and internet videos, this computational science student helps her friends in the quest for the Dreams in Silence with her karate and technological abilities. The crazy geek, as Rontaro calls her, likes to play with him and her friends in kart and fighting games.

Dreaming of one day creating a video game based on all her (digital) adventures, she loves to share a strawberry frasier with that “someone special” of hers: Rontaro. A funny relationship, maybe that’s why she teases him using that kawaii version of Rontaro as a keychain (her personal verison of Rontaro’s heart). Along with her blade shield, she shares her technological and hacking abilities with her friends, all while singing any song that lifts her spirit and the others' spirits with hope.


Which of these characters would you like to see "buffed" in a fanart muscle/bodybuilding anatomical study? 

15 deviants said Hellboy
5 deviants said Ganondorf
4 deviants said Lou (Guitar Hero)


A one thought: impact, powerful, yet simple, the design represents a great example of Leomon´s overall creativity and artistic expressi...

This piece exemplifies a mastery of complex abilities: anatomy, originality, and technique. Firstly, the anatomy is well balanced being...

See you next year!


Que tiempo hace, Dodark! Ojala que te encuentro no tan occupado.
Sun Jan 22, 2017, 9:38 PM
Cuando descubres que tienes el mismo heroe favorito que tu amigo! HellBoy es un maravilla!
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 11:03 PM
Hola, Dodark!! Bienvenidos de nuevo a DA!! Como va tu proyecto?
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 10:52 PM
the best :3
Sat Nov 12, 2016, 1:05 AM
one month and I will be gone...
Tue Jan 3, 2012, 4:46 PM


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